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DepthMarkers Standard6x6 Special6x6 MosaicTile glazed6x6tiles Stone-Look Pool Tiles

Pool & Spa Tiles

6" x 6" Glazed Pool and Spa Waterline Tiles

The most common swimming pool tile, these tiles are hard-fired with a shiny glaze finish available in an array of colors and designs. They provide a more contemporary look for your pool or spa.

6 x 6 Pool & Spa Frost-Proof Tiles

6 x 6 Pool & Spa Frost-Proof Tiles - OS Series


6 x 6 Crystal Series Waterline Pool and Spa Tile

6 x 6 Crystal Ice Akron Pool and Spa Waterline Tile

6 x 6  Diamond Pool and Spa Waterline Tile

6 x 6 Diamond-Reflection Tile Pattern Waterline Tile


Stone Look Waterline Tile for Pools and Spas
Browse our collection of pool and spa tiles that have a stone-look, or stone-appearance.  These are very popular 6" x 6" tiles among commercial and residential swimming pools.

6 x 6 Rocky Stream Series -  Pool and Spa Mosaic Waterline Tile

6 x 6 Stardust  Pool and Spa Waterline Tile

6 x 6 Desert Canyon Pool and Spa Waterline Tile

6 x 6 Bellagio Pool and Spa Waterline Tile

6 x 6 Diamond Stone Series Pool and Spa Waterline Tile

6 x 6 Earth Scapes Pool and Spa Waterline Tile

6 x 6 El Ora Pool and Spa Waterline Tile

6 x 6 Venetian Pool and Spa Waterline Tile


2" x 2" Tiles

1" x 1" Mosaic Glass Tiles

1" x 2" Mosaic Glass Tiles

Mosaic Tile Patterns for Pools

Depth Tiles and Numbered Tiles - Smooth or Skid Resistant

No Diving Tiles

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