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aXs ADA-Compliant Pool Lift, Battery-Operated, Light Duty

The aXs Lift is an ADA-Compliant, Low-Profile, Semi-portable Aquatic Access Lift that requires a stainless steel anchor and is designed for the small commercial pools such as hotels or residences.  The aXs Pool Access Lift is powered by a 24V rechargeable battery and can be operated by the user via a self-assisting waterproof hand control. The aXs is constructed of stainless steel and aluminum and is powder coated for maximum durability. Included is the unit, battery, charger, battery console cover, waterproof control, stainless steel anchor socket with cover and spanner key, footrest and seatbelt assembly.


300-Lb (136 kg) Weight Capacity

bullet ADA Compliant, Battery-Operated, Self-Assisted Pool Handicap Access Lift
bullet Semi-Portable, Compact, Low-Profile Design
bullet Maximum Lifting Capacity: 300-Lbs.
bullet 360º Rotation for safe and easy transfers 
bullet 24V Battery Operated (Rechargeable)
bullet Ideal for Small Commercial Pools or Backyard Pools
bullet Affordably Priced
bullet Financing Available upon approved credit.
bullet Ideal ADA-Compliant Lift for the Small Commercial Pool
Part # Description
aXs-ADA-Lift aXs Battery-Operated, ADA-Compliant Pool Access Lift, Standard
AXS1000L aXs ADA Pool Access Lift (Locking Anchor)
AXS1000LK aXs ADA Pool Access Lift (Locking Anchor) with Activation Key
AXS1005L aXs ADA Pool Access Assembly with Armrests (Locking Anchor)
AXS1005LK aXs ADA Pool Access Assembly with Armrests (Locking Anchor) with Activation Key
AXS1006L aXs Lift with Caddie (Locking Anchor)
AXS1006LK aXs Lift with Caddie (Locking Anchor) with Activation Key
AXS1007L aXs Lift Assembly with Armrests and Caddy (Locking Anchor)
AXS1007LK aXs Lift Assembly with Armrests and Caddy (Locking Anchor) with Activation Key
AXS lift includes one deck anchor, cap, battery, charger, seat belt assembly, & electronics console cover.   

The AXS Semi Portable Aquatic Pool Lift is a mobility device designed to provide users with disabilities access to a swimming pool. Easy to operate and maintain, the AXS Pool Lift is transportable, reliable and ideal for residential use, small hotels, apartments and condominiums. Made out of both aluminum extrusions and stainless steel with a powder coated finish to protect against prolonged exposure to different weather, the AXS Pool Lift is durable with a lifting capacity of 300 pounds and meets all Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines.

Unlike conventional seats and pool lifts, the AXS Pool Lift is equipped with a wider and deeper seat, with no edges to restrict transfers. Intended to be used with simple pool gutter configurations having a deck to water distance of no more than eight inches, the AXS Pool Lift attractive design blends in nicely with any patio environment and can be easily stored when not in use. Equipped with a rechargeable battery, the AXS Pool Lift also contains an attached hand control to allow for independent operation.  Now available with a an optional Activation Key, which allows

AXS Semi Portable Aquatic Pool Lift Features:

  •   Easy to operate and maintain, reliable and transportable
  •   Features an attractive design
  •   Provides 360° rotation
  •   Ideal for residential use, small hotels, apartments and condominiums
  •   Complies with all American with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility guidelines

AXS Semi Portable Aquatic Pool Lift Specifications:

  •   Mast height: 32"
  •   Height-arm raised: 56.5"
  •   Overall length-extended: 68.75"
  •   Storage length - without chair: 47"
  •   Unit weight - with chair: 81 lbs.
  •   Unit weight - without chair: 68 lbs.
  •   Power: 24v DC
  •   Battery life: 30 cycles (approx.)
  •   Lifting capacity: 300 lbs.
  •   Color available: Green
  •   Includes: AXS Pool Lift, battery, battery cover, charger, foot rest and deck anchor, instruction manual
  •   Mounted using standard square deck anchor (included)


  •   Type: Linak LA34 Mechanical Actuator
  •   Maximum thrust: 1680 lbs.
  •   Voltage: 24v DC
  •   Maximum Amp draw: 9
  •   Maximum speed: 0.59 in/sec

Materials and Finish:

  • Mast: Powder coated stainless steel
  • Lifting arms: Powder coated aluminum extrusion
  • Housing: ABS plastic core with acrylic cap
  • Seat cushion: Blow molded plastic
  • Seat frame: Powder coated stainless steel

IMPORTANT:   We request a Poolside Deck Configuration Worksheet with each order so that the lift can be engineered to match each customer’s specific pool specifications.

Warranty:   Three (3) year warranty on frame, excluding powder coated finish, which may become scratched with normal use. Two (2) year warranty on all electronic and motor components. One (1) year, pro-rated warranty on all batteries.

*Please complete and return the Deck Profile Sheet. Your order cannot be placed until this is done to be sure the lift is compatible with your pool or spa.*


bullet Arm Rest Assembly -
bullet Seat Pad -
bullet Stability Vest -
bullet aXs Protective Cover -
Part # Options
aXs-ArmRest Arm Rest Assembly
aXs-Seat Pad Seat Pad
aXs-StabVest Stability Vest
aXs-Cover aXs Protective Cover


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